As part of World Sight Day 2021, Blind Low Vision NZ is supporting the international “Love Your Eyes” campaign to raise awareness of the importance of eye health.

This international campaign, run in New Zealand by Eye Health Aotearoa. is aiming to have one million people around the world no cost pledge to either have an eye test – vision or eye health test, or care for their eyes –  as simple as wearing the correct safety eye equipment or have regular eye health checks.

We are doing our part here in New Zealand by asking New Zealanders to make a no cost pledge to have their eyes checked or to care for their eyes.  We need your help to do this!

Visit the Eye Health Aotearoa website to make a pledge today: and commit to looking after your eyes in any (or all!) of the following ways:

  • Preventing sight loss by checking how their eyes feel: eating healthily and leading a healthy life;
  • Preserving their sight by wearing glasses if you have them, taking eye medication regularly or opting for surgery if needed.
  • Protecing their eyes by wearing safety glasses or sunglasses, spending more time outdoors and reducing screen time;
  • Prioritising their eyes by making regular eye check-ups a part of life, acting quickly on early signs of discomfort or redness.