This year we will not be holding the usual Helen Keller celebrations around the country. Instead, we are having a special day and evening on Saturday 24 June celebrating Helen Keller’s birthday and life’s adventures at our deafblind camp, outside Wellington.

Our approach during the day will be to discuss snippets of Helen Keller’s life and the travels and journeys she made. Our deafblind camp gathering will make a train ride into Wellington City and ride on the Cable car and visit museums. This will be connected to the vast travelling and voyages Helen Keller achieved over her life time.

In the evening we have three speakers, Dave Wilson who is chairman of Deafblind Association New Zealand (DBA) and will talk about his dual sensory loss and reflect on Helen Keller’s strength and coping strategies. Phil Thorn (Bind Foundation client) will give a motivational speech and presentation on how he manages his day-to-day living. Then Lloyd Ellison will finish with a story of Helen Keller. There will be a feast and then we will cut and share a cake dedicated to this remarkable lady.

It will be a time for the New Zealand deafblind community to be together and share their stories. They will have the opportunity to meet new people and understand that they share a similar dual loss disability. However, that is where the similarity ends as they are as different in other ways just as you and I. After the celebrations we will all sit down and do our best to focus on the All Blacks thrashing the British and Irish Lions.