This month we get to know Yul Ri Jung, known as Yulie, our National Administration Volunteer who manages to find time in her busy study life to volunteer at the Blind Foundation. Yulie studies Psychology and Computer Science at the University of Auckland.

Yulie assists the Volunteer Services Advisor to on-board volunteers from different parts of the country. Yulie’s enthusiasm competes closely with her organisational skills and attention to detail. She volunteers from Awhina House and her work is felt all across the country as she manages the database and the welcome packs that go out to new volunteers.

Yulie has worked at the Blind Foundation for almost a year. A typical week for Yulie includes data entry, making welcome packs, working with the National Admin team to source brochures, sending out packs and making sure Sue Vyas remains on top of her volunteer on-boarding.

Yulie packs in a lot of punch and likes that “I am being of help to you and other people. And just experiencing office life is cool, and I feel responsible for quickly and accurately processing volunteer information so the volunteer system runs smoothly. This is important as the Blind Foundation is volunteer-dependent in many areas, and I feel happy that I am helping to make that happen.”

A particular work highlight for Yulie was her first meeting with a guide dog and taking a picture with him. She said: “It was the first time I saw a guide dog in real life and heard about how they are brought up and trained. It is impressive how they are friendly but reliable which they need to be.”

Yulie is from Korea and moved to New Zealand during high school. Her parents are still in Korea and she visits them once a year. Yulie also has a brother who is studying dentistry in Australia. Her hobbies include reading, playing video games and watching cute dog videos. Yulie’s favourite film is Schindler’s List. She says: “It’s horrifying what humans are capable of doing to others, but it was a heart-warming movie at the same time.”

The most adventurous and brave thing Yulie has done is travel to Africa by herself four years ago. One day she woke up feeling adventurous and booked a flight to Nairobi, where she travelled and did volunteer work for three months.