The Blind Foundation congratulates its new Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB) Board Directors, after the election announcement at its Annual General Meeting on 11 November.

Candidates Nicola Owen, Fraser Alexander and Keith Appleton were elected to the Board from the 15 people who sought election for the three General seats.

  • Nicola Owen was re-elected with 250 votes.
  • Fraser Alexander was elected with 205 votes and
  • Keith Appleton was re-elected with 161 votes.

This year, the AGM was preceded by a Special Meeting of Members to vote on changes to the Constitution following a review by the Constitutional Review Committee over the past two years.  Any changes to the Constitution require a two-thirds majority voting in favour and, accordingly, the new Constitution was adopted at this meeting with 475 votes for and 10 votes against having been cast in the postal ballot and there were 4 votes for and 1 abstention cast at the meeting.  Therefore, there were 479 votes in favour (98%) and 10 votes against (2%).  There were 36 valid proxies received but the proxies were not used to vote on the resolution.  As a result of the adoption of the 2017 Constitution, the Associate Director seat on the Board has been disestablished creating a casual vacancy which has been filled by the fourth-placed candidate in the 2017 Board elections, who is Deborah Boyd with 142 votes.

As a result of the 2017 elections, the RNZFB Board of Directors are:

  • Rick Hoskin, Chair
  • Fraser Alexander
  • Keith Appleton
  • Deborah Boyd
  • Peter Hoskin
  • Clive Lansink
  • Nicola Owen
  • Judith Small
  • Carolyn Weston

To find out more about the members of the Board of Directors, visit our Meet the Board page.