Date: Saturday 12 November 2016
Time: 10:00am
Location:  Blind Foundation Napier Office, 65 Thackaray Street, Napier 4110

The business of the meeting is to

  • Announce the results of the election of Directors,
  • Approve the appointment of the Auditor, and
  • Consider the Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2016.

    Member participation

    There will be opportunities to ask questions or comment on the RNZFB’s activities and the Board’s direction. Members who do not wish to travel to Napier for the AGM may participate in either of two ways:

1.   If there is enough interest, we hope to organise meetings at the Blind Foundation’s offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington that will link to the AGM via telephone.

2.   Alternatively you may participate by telephone. These ‘spaces’ are limited so you need to book in advance.


To assist us with catering please contact Jane Moore by Wednesday 2 November 2016 if you are planning to attend the AGM, one of the associated linked meetings, or participate by telephone.

Also, if you intend to ask a question at the meeting that could be more fully answered with some background research, we encourage you to let Jane know.

Jane Moore can be contacted on:
Phone: (09) 355 6894 or 0800 24 33 33
Fax: (09) 366 0099
Mail: Board Secretary, RNZFB, Private Bag 99941, Newmarket, Auckland 1149.