The 2018 STAR Awards celebrate our star staff and volunteers. Who do you think epitomises what being a STAR means? Whether it’s a person or a team, if they’re contributing in an extraordinary way to the success and culture of the Blind Foundation, then we want to hear about them and what makes them a STAR.

All nominations must be submitted online. They are treated in the strictest confidence and judged against the criteria for each individual category. You may nominate as many people or teams as you like.

Below you’ll see the categories for this year. Have a look through, and then fill out the nomination form.

Volunteer recognition award

To the person who has made significant contribution and impact to the organisation and/or clients they serve in a volunteer capacity.  Evidenced by:

  • Goes the extra mile for clients and/or the Blind Foundation by providing an outstanding service, which they value and which makes a tangible positive difference in their lives, either through their length of service or in relation to a special project or event.
  • Actively promotes the Blind Foundation, always looking for opportunities to ensure that current clients are aware of all of the services available to them, and that the Blind Foundation is promoted positively in their local community.
  • Is open to new ideas and to working in tandem with the Blind Foundation to deliver service and programmes that meet the changing needs of the organisation and its clients.

Top Team award

To the team who has built a great team culture, had great performance and strong service ethic, shown openness to improvement and change, and has been open to working with other teams and/or parts of the organisation, for the betterment of the whole. Evidenced by:

  • Great team atmosphere, culture and morale.
  • Great interaction with other parts of the organisation, and seen as accessible and responsive.
  • Supports the wider goals of the Blind Foundation, with dedicated staff and strong work ethic, and great team outputs.

Innovation and Improvement award

To the person or team who has made a difference – big or small – to clients, the Blind Foundation and / or our community by creating new or improved systems and methods, or driving new opportunities. Evidenced by:

  • An overview of the initiative and why it was undertaken.
  • Details of the success and how it could be replicated by others in the organisation

Role model/leader award

To a person who demonstrates outstanding leadership, and positively influences others towards desired organisational and/or community outcomes. Evidenced by:

  • Stands out as someone who shows positive leadership, is prepared to stand up and take accountability for a desired outcome or direction that supports the organisation or community group they represent.
  • Role models a solutions-focused approach with people and problems; looks for ways to make things work; forward focused; sets themselves and others up for success.
  • Balances a focus on results and outcomes, with great interpersonal skills that gets the best out of people. Garners respect from others through the way they make things happen, but in a way that gets people on-board. Shows courage and determination. Prepared to confront issues constructively with people when need be.

Champion award

To a person who has championed and promoted the Blind Foundation. They will have got involved in Blind Foundation initiatives such as fundraising, awareness raising or advocacy.  They will have encouraged people to support us (such as with donations, time, or expertise).

Evidenced by:

  • Actively promoting the Blind Foundation cause, looking for opportunities to tell the Blind Foundation story, gaining support for our work.
    Successfully elicits support from individuals or organisations.
  • Role models and encourages staff and/or volunteers to play their part in generating support for the Blind Foundation, irrelevant of role or place in the organisation.

Customer/Client service award

To the person who has demonstrated outstanding customer service which stands out and is highly valued. Evidenced by:

  • Demonstrates a consistently high customer service ethos to all stakeholders they interact with.
  • Demonstrates high levels of professionalism.
  • Always friendly, helpful, communicates well, and responds quickly to enquiries and demands while managing expectations.
  • Provides a customer experience that delights, and leaves a positive impression of that person and the Blind Foundation.
  • Goes the extra mile and anticipates needs.
  • Exhibits high levels of capability in performing their specialist role, married with an empathetic and supportive approach.
  • Provides them with an experience, while they are receiving a service.  Makes a tangible, positive difference in their lives.
  • If working directly with clients works in a way, which enables independence and lifts the confidence of the client.

CEO award

To an individual, team, or department who/which has consistently displayed our values and significantly contributed to an exceptional achievement of our strategic goals. Evidenced by:

  • Is passionate and optimistic about the organisation’s strategic priorities.
  • Has made an outstanding contribution towards the success of at least one of these priorities. This may be through constructive involvement in the transformation programme supporting the strategy, or it may be through consistently demonstrating excellence, seeking innovation or collaboration. Their contributions influence success of the Blind Foundation and its community, now and in the future
  • Is future-focused and change ready, constantly seeking ideas and solutions that will progress the development of both the organisation and themselves professionally to build capability.
  • Being seen as an outstandingly positive contributor to the culture of the Blind Foundation and a role model that others recognise and look up to.
  • Actively promotes and lives the essence of the Blind Foundation values: optimistic, connecting, empowering and aspirational. Influences others to also behave constructively and positively.
  • Uses a solutions-focused approach to issues and people; acknowledges issues but looking for positive solutions and ways forward.