It is now just a few days before 7 Blind Foundation clients take off on an epic 700km journey across the North Island in 7 gruelling days. This is a boundary breaking challenge with no winner and no clock to race against – just the satisfaction of living a life without limits, and all the tales that go with it.

The 7 Day Challenge is an exciting, demanding and fun, multisport challenge which will see participants biking the 100km flyer, running a marathon, canoeing the Wanganui River, sailing off the coast of Tauranga and hiking up Mount Tongariro and more.  It will test the boundaries of both brain and body and to prove that blindness or low vision is not a limit to how you live your life.

I know that the group would welcome your support. To follow, track the group and find out what they are doing you can go to

We are also asking people to do their own challenge. As you will have read earlier in the newsletter, Julie Woods is reading to children from braille books for seven days. We have a team here who are running 7km every day for 7 days. Whatever your challenge is, big or small, we’d love to hear about it on the Facebook page. Include #LWOL (life without limits).

We want as many people as possible to know about this challenge and so please share it with friends and family.