Writing to Santa is a family tradition for many Kiwi families. This year, children and parents or guardians can send a letter to Santa and opt to receive a braille response. As part of their Write to Santa campaign, New Zealand Post is working closely with the Blind Foundation’s Accessible Formats team to create the braille responses from Santa, and send them to the children.

How to write to Santa

Children and parents or guardians can write to Santa in a number of ways:

  • Email santa@nzpost.co.nz by Sunday 3 December requesting a braille letter along with the child’s name and address.
  • Write to Santa by post, no stamp required, at: Santa Claus, c/- Santa’s Workshop, North Pole 0001. Please ensure the child’s full name, address, and postcode are clearly written on the back on your envelope.
  • Children can also write a braille or simbraille letter to Santa by post, with their name and address written on the back (not in braille).
  • To make and send a digital postcard, visit the Write to Santa website. The website works best for sighted parents, guardians or family members.

The braille letters put a new spin on an old and much-loved tradition and are a fantastic way to encourage children to use their braille skills. Blind Foundation’s Braille Awareness Coordinator, Chantelle Griffiths, said: “No matter how old you are, it’s empowering to open a letter addressed to you and be able to read it independently. If your child or a child in your life reads braille, why not ask Santa to write them a braille letter?”

Digital postcards need to be sent by 3 December and letters by 7 December to receive a response in the mail from Santa.

Request a braille response to receive something special in the post this Christmas.