Stepping out of your comfort zone is no easy feat, but Blind Foundation client Dena Harnett says she is so glad she did.

A group of Blind Foundation staff and clients set off on the Insight Outward Bound course in February. Set in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, the eight-day course saw the group trying new experiences. With activities ranging from cliff diving, sailing, solo camping, to a high ropes course; the group was pushed to their limit.

Going on the course was a big decision for Dena. She wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but ended up walking away with a life-changing experience.

“I loved it! I was sheltered for years, and going on this course really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’m so glad I did it. The staff were incredible, supportive, and just blew me away with their knowledge.”

Dena on the flying fox Insight Outward Bound

Jumping off the rock face in the Pelorus River was one fear she overcame. After a cruisy kayak down the river, the group walked to the top of the rock. Hesitant at first, Dena took the leap after some much needed encouragement from Blind Foundation staff member, Deb Nash.

“It was amazing to see that with a little encouragement, Dena was able to overcome her fear and take a leap. There were so many things the group overcame. They were all supportive of one another, which I was so proud to witness,” says Deb.

Action aside, there were moments to enjoy the beauty of her surroundings. The solo camp was one to remember, spending a night under the stars, overlooking the ocean. It was one of Dena’s many highlights and one she describes as breathtaking.

“Insight Outward Bound was an overall amazing experience. I got to meet and know new people. Throughout the course I got to see everyone grow in different ways, we share a special bond, and we all plan to keep in touch.”

“I recommend it to anyone. Just give yourself the opportunity to go, bite the bullet and do it, there are enormous benefits. It’s a chance for you to find out new things about yourself, and discover you can do things you never thought possible. I now feel more able to break down barriers rather than putting them up around myself!

“I’m so grateful to the Blind Foundation for making this trip possible and for the amazing support that the recreation staff provided.”

Insight Outward Bound is confirmed for 3 March 2017, if you would like more information please contact by emailing Deb Nash.