Book Club

Without books, a person who is blind does not just lose their connection to the written word. They lose a way to experience life’s colour, richness and possibilities.

Books and literature help connect us to world affairs, to hobbies, to other people who share our interests. They can take us on adventures and transform the mundane into magic. Without them, a person can lose their confidence and sense of belonging.

That’s why the kindness and understanding of a special group of Blind Low Vision NZ supporters, matters so much. They are Book Club supporters.

Book Club supporters understand how reading and literature can transform a hard hour, a frightening night, or even a life. They know the joy of a parent who is blind, who can read to their sighted child because of a braille book. They appreciate the magic and wonder that a book can stir in the mind of any reader – blind or sighted.

These supporters make a modest gift every month to fund Blind Low Vision NZ’s Library, which provides access to talking books, books in braille, magazines and even tactile picture books.

Give the gift of reading

Nine year old Sam (pictured above with his Mum) has Ocular Albinism. He has peripheral vision in one eye and no vision in his other eye. Most books for children his age are only available in small print. Most of the large print books available in public libraries are for adults or much younger children. Thanks to Blind Low Vision NZ’s Library, Sam can now read books he loves.

Sam’s Mum says “Sam feels excited about getting books he can read easily. He says he can’t wait until those books come.”

Your kind monthly donation will make a direct, tangible difference to the lives of children and adults who are blind. Thank you.

Woman smiling while listening to an audio book

Blind Low Vision NZ’s Library

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