Vesper’s learning his manners.

Vesper has been spending a lot of time training with his puppy friends.

Vesper sitting on grass with the red coat on

When school’s out, and his red coat comes off, he loves to play with the other guide dog puppies, bounding in and out of puddles and chasing his friends.

It’s wonderful to see him enjoy his group puppy classes, and he has shown wonderful progress and enjoys putting his new skills and manner to good use wherever he goes. He has the perfect nature for a guide-dog in training – he is a sweet boy who is lively and always eager to please.

He’s been exploring the world in lots of new ways recently, he went on a train for the first time and had a swim in a pond. He even went to see one of Shakespeare’s plays!

At this year’s Bikkie Day, he was the guest of honour at his puppy raiser’s husband’s workplace. There were lots of sounds and exciting smells, but he had his red coat on so he was on his best behaviour.

Right now his baby teeth are falling out as his big teeth grow. There has been a lot of toy chewing and finding teeth in unexpected places. Vesper loves to chew on ice cubes made of soaked dog biscuits when his gums get sore.

Thank you for helping Vesper though his guide dog training.