Otis is this year’s Pupstar.

Otis is loving, smart and endlessly cheerful.

It won’t be long before he’s big enough to move on from his adored puppy raisers (volunteers who care for young guide dogs in training for about 16 months) to more formal training school.

“He’s such a lovely boy,” says Otis’ puppy raising family.

And they’re sure that he’ll make an amazing guide dog and make them proud to have been his puppy raisers.

Every day is full of new experiences for Otis. He’s taking longer and longer walks in his red coat, his unusually large ears flapping cutely in the wind.

He’s been learning to ride in the car as part of his training as a guide dog. After a fun day of training, Otis loves to go on fabulously muddy adventures with one of the retired breeding dogs, Owen.

But if there’s one thing Otis loves it’s a cuddle. Any time will do. And as often as possible. He loves to be with humans and is an incredible companion.

Otis’ puppy raisers have discovered that Otis is content to do anything they’re doing – watching movies, playing video games and taking photos – as long as he’s part of the fun.