This week after work, when I say work I mean snoozing and meeting people and guide dogs in the office, I had my first visit to the beach.

Being as cute as I am as a three-month old puppy, I had no trouble getting a lot of attention. Even though I was ‘off-duty’, everyone wanted a photo and a cuddle and I was more than happy to oblige. Going out to new places and meeting new people is pawsome.

Now although meeting people is always fun, it’s not as much fun as meeting other dogs. I don’t care how big or little they are, or whether they look like me or not, I love making new friends. It was all very exciting and I got plenty of exercise playing and jumping around. Apparently I need to work on my “listening skills”, and then I can maybe play freely with new pals.

I’ll let you know how my listening skills go next week.