Twenty-year-old Claudia lost her sight as a baby, when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the retina. But her recent match with the beautiful Aztec has given her freedom beyond her wildest dreams!

Thanks to your kindness, Claudia has received vital support from Blind Low Vision NZ for as long as she can remember; orientation and mobility training and white cane training to navigate school, kids camps at Lake Taupo and now finally, her very own guide dog, Aztec.

“From the moment Aztec entered my life, I knew everything was about to change. I had a work placement looming and wasn’t sure how I would manage travelling from the North Shore to Manukau every week, taking an Uber and a bus. With Aztec to keep me safe and guide me every step of the way, I was never alone, and I felt so confident and happy. This is a completely different level of independence I could not possibly have expected!”

Now she has met her paw-fect match, Aztec, Claudia has so many exciting opportunities and adventures ahead of her, thanks to you. Thank you so much for making these wonderful matches paws-ible!