Otis, this year’s Pupstar, is growing fast and heading off to start his next stage of training to become a guide dog.

Paws crossed for you Otis.

Otis is one happy puppy. His puppy raisers tell us he is amazingly expressive and that they always know how he is feeling by the look on his face.

Mostly, that look is a great big doggy smile.

He has two modes: very sleepy or very happy.

He loves the water and will splash around for hours, especially if he has his guide dog puppy friends to play with.

Recently Otis, with his goofy, joyful personality, spent some time back at the Guide Dog Centre receiving additional training to help him master stairs. He loves it there.

It’s the place he was born and he gets to play with all the other puppies and he gets a chance to practice his skills as a future guide dog.

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