Marathons, paracycling, and becoming a mum – Hannah has an incredible passion for life. With your support, she has achieved so much!

Every time Hannah has needed support on her journey, kind people like you have been there for her, through Blind Low Vision NZ. But Hannah says it was her match with beloved guide dog, Dara, that truly transformed her life.

Hannah was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma as a baby. Her sight loss began slowly, but in 2010, she lost all vision. “In just 12 months, everything got blurrier, foggier and darker. By the end of the year, I had nothing left. I had a lot of fear about how I was going to live,” she said.

Hannah’s is a very fast walker before she lost her sight, and initially found cane use very challenging, as she had to ‘learn to walk again’. “It slowed me down – I got frustrated. All that changed when I was matched with Dara.”

Dara arrived in Hannah’s life when Max was only two months old. “Going from using a cane to having a guide dog was just phenomenal. Most importantly, I had the head space to concentrate on my baby, because Dara was guiding me and keeping us safe.”

Dara and Hannah clicked straight away. “Dara can always keep up with me. We train together, we walk with Max together, we’ve travelled the world together. She is my best friend. Thank you for helping me live my life to the full!”