Fergus continues to be his lovely, calm, intelligent self.

His Puppy Raisers tell us he’s been thoroughly enjoying exploring many new places, proudly wearing his red coat. They’re giving him as many different experiences as possible, which is exactly what guide dog puppies need. He seems to be taking it all in his stride, checking out the local cows and swimming in the lovely Lake Taupo. He even met Santa (and was on his best behaviour too)!

He loves his outings and settles very well in most environments, whether it’s a café, the hairdressers or the local hospital waiting room.

At home Fergus is cuddly and affectionate. His favourite thing is to snuggle up to Yoshi, a retired guide dog who is Fergus’ bestie.

And it’s Fergus’ birthday! As a January puppy he’s now a year old. He recently joined us at the Guide Dog Centre for some kennels training experience. We were delighted to see that he mixes really well with other guide dog puppies and played nicely with toys.

He rode well in the van and seemed to really enjoy the drives. He showed us how well he could sit, lie down and wait on command. He did want to play, but he also settled well into the training exercises. At the train station he showed great confidence walking on the stairs.

And he’s really looking forward to more summer swims in beautiful Lake Taupo.