Fergus, this year’s Pupstar, is a beautiful golden Labrador puppy. (Mind you he’s not so small anymore – he’s already grown big and strong.)

You’ll never meet a more sociable, friendly, happy dog than Fergus. He’s the kind of dog who loves being a part of everything. If there’s something happening – he’s there.

Although he’s been in lockdown again with the rest of Auckland, he’s made the most of being at home with all the family all the time, even sleeping under the kids’ desks while they are doing their online learning.

Thanks to the wonderful support provided by Kiwis who support Blind Low Vision NZ, Fergus’ training is coming along beautifully. He is very good at his commands, including ‘stay’ and really enjoys a good ‘close’. He’s even learnt the difficult task of ignoring a piece of food left on the ground. All very im-paw-tant skills for guide dogs to learn.

Outside lockdown he loves going out in his red coat. He’s been to a restaurant, doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy the hardware store, cafes and the supermarket.

Fergus loves getting out and about

Fergus loves being out and about and he’s always very well behaved when he’s wearing his red coat.

When Fergus isn’t working, he’s happy to chill out and his puppy raisers report that he doesn’t seem to mind being home alone. When it’s cold he particularly enjoys finding a sunny spot to sunbathe.

It takes many months of training and testing to ensure Fergus can be the safe and dependable companion and guide needed by another blind or low vision New Zealander. Your wonderful support is what makes that possible. Thank you.