Guide Dog RubyGuide Dog Ruby is a black Labrador Retriever who graduated in November 2020.

Ruby settled very quickly in her Christchurch home. It was obvious the work and effort her puppy carers put into her home behaviour and social etiquette. She’s a true ‘lady’ when out and about with her new mum and hardly puts a paw out of step through these two weeks of intensive training.

Ruby developed such a strong connection with her mum it looked like they have been together for years! She is the second guide dog for this lady, so they hit the ground running. No boredom for this girl – Ruby will be a busy bee as her mum is quite active in the community – riding the bus frequently, going to the hair salon (for her human, not Ruby), shopping, church and joining the recreation group on hiking and walking excursions with other BLVNZ members.

Guide Dog NalaGuide Dog Nala is a black Labrador retriever who graduated in November of 2020.

Nala is working in Dunedin with a first-time guide dog handler, and during training, the team bonded extremely well. Nala seems quite excited to be included in her new family.

Nala’s handler spends a lot of time in the garden, and Nala enjoys helping out by soaking up the sun and has even offered to help with digging holes, although not really an acceptable guide dog behaviour!

When Nala’s handler isn’t gardening, she can be found in her sewing room making her own clothes. She likes having things that are different and unique and uses many interesting fabrics. She gets help from her mother, who taught her how to sew at an early age, and she does the pinning and finer details. The result is lots of really cool handmade clothes!

Guide Dog OtisGuide Dog Otis is a yellow Labrador Retriever who graduated in September 2020.

Since meeting his new guide dog, Otis’s handler has really enjoyed him, and they have easily relaxed into one another’s company. This ‘all boy’ team walk to varied destinations in the Auckland West region, and smiling faces welcome them everywhere they go. Comments about how handsome Otis is can often be heard from passersby.

The handler found being without a guide dog challenging and is happy again to have the mobility and companionship Otis offers. This handler has no other pets, and so Otis gets his undivided attention. Every day following their walks, Otis gets a good groom and then a well-deserved snooze in the sun.


Guide Dog GabeGuide Dog Gabe is a black Labrador Retriever who graduated in September 2020.

Jack-of-all-trades’ is the best way to describe Gabe’s new handler. This gentleman’s vast work and life experience spans law enforcement, industrial relations, and public transport, as well as work with the disability network and legal advocacy in employment, personal injury, and disability.

Gabe is guide dog number four for this experienced handler. The team will be travelling for work all over NZ, banking up those frequent flyer miles. And even though this is a new partnership, you’d think they have been together for years. From the get-go they just clicked, matching each other’s cruisy pace, chilling at the café, riding the bus and navigating the city like a seasoned team. Gabe’s impeccable social and home behaviour made the transition to a new guide dog so easy for the handler and the whole family. Gabe even won-over the family cat!

Guide Dog MayaGuide Dog Maya is a yellow Labrador Retriever who graduated in September 2020.

Maya is now happily pounding the pavements of her local area as a graduated guide dog. Maya loves destinations and finding seats for her handler. Maya has lifted her handler’s confidence to get back out into the world and on with her life. Maya even has her own playmate at home in her handler’s retired guide, which is great for when Maya is feeling like a rough and tumble.