I’m Otis and I’m working really hard on my guide dog training!

It has been a busy few weeks for me and I have learnt so much from my Puppy Raisers.

I have learned to stay still, resist temptations and obey commands. If I stand still or sit down when they ask me to, I get treats! Yum!

If I stay in the same place even when they walk away I get even more pats and cuddles, but it is hard. I just want to run over and play.

However, I stay, because I know that, when I have my red coat on I have to be on my best behaviour.

I am growing up fast, but not fast enough for my ears. They are still so big and floppy, but everyone tells me that it is my stand out feature.

Otis waiting for a treat

I see another treat!

Otis lying in the car footwell

Enjoying it here while I still fit.

I enjoy meeting lots of people. It used to be a bit scary, but now I love it.

We went in the car to visit my Puppy Raisers’ grandmother at her nursing home. She rode around in a chair with wheels, which was new to me.

I got lots of pats and cuddles from all the other humans there too, along with plenty of vigorous tail wagging and kind licks to show how much I liked it.

I like lying on the footwell of the car while enjoying the vibrations of the engine. Goodness knows how I’ll fit when I am a big dog.

Guess who got a new toy for practicing all my commands? Me!

My Puppy Raiser took me to the pet aisle in the big shop and I found a Panda with the loudest squeak EVER! I play with it all the time these days and I love it.

I wish I could run, play and train all the time, but I need to get enough rest to be at my best, and also because I love sleeping.

Thank goodness for a warm spot on the carpet. Sleeping is the best!

Otis sleeping

Snoozing to recharge on awesomeness.

Thank you for being a Red Puppy Sponsor. Because of your support, puppies like me are able to get the training we need to become a guide dog and change lives.