Look at that gorgeous little face! Lucas is one of our newest puppy-in-training, one of the L litter of 14 puppies, a unique Labrador Retriever & Standard Poodle cross.

He may be small, but Lucas has a big, bright future ahead. One of the newest puppies in school, Lucas is now happily living with his puppy raiser family after acing his first few weeks getting strong and confident while living with his mum Zoe and siblings in the breeding centre.

His special new family will love, care for and guide Lucas in his journey to graduate as a guide dog one day.

Lucas loves his new home and is settling in well, taking lots of naps between energetic play time in the garden. He has lots of toys to play with, and they are all for him! He can already sit, stay and walk well on the lead, thanks to lots of love and encouragement from his family. Good boy Lucas!