Geoff Laws has boarded many of our dogs over the years, and has recently become a kennel volunteer.

How did your volunteer journey at Guide Dogs begin?

My first step towards volunteering started during my time in Japan. I heard of a lady in the area that volunteered time to find homes for unwanted puppies. I made contact and soon afterwards a small bundle of joy entered my life. It felt really good to help in a small way. I get that same feeling each time I board a four-legged friend!


What brought you to start volunteering  in the Training Kennels?

I’m very keen to improve my skills and understanding of our canine friends. Volunteering at kennels offers a great opportunity to learn new skills and build confidence. I get to meet and work alongside some pretty awesome people too!


What’s something about you that would surprise your fellow volunteers?

Back in the early 90’s I taught sailing alongside Dean Barker as a NZYF Instructor at Tamaki Yacht Club.


You must have met some colourful canine characters while volunteering. Can you tell us about some of the dogs that stand out to you?

  • Patsy – I’ve been very fortunate to stay in touch with sweet Patsy and her handler since they graduated. Every so often the opportunity arises to get together and Pats voices her feelings of happiness (I think) rather loudly!
  • Prague – Best buddy you could ever have by your side and compulsive cuddler.
  • Konrad – so handsome and he loved life every day, such a happy fella.
  • The first dog I boarded running away up the driveway just after being dropped off. Heart attack! He thought it a great idea to introduce himself to the neighbour.


What’s one of your best memories involving volunteering for Guide Dogs?

Hearing the news of Patsy being matched and starting a new journey with her handler.