Sloan adores soft toys

The adorable Sloan is growing fast and settling in well, right now loving chewing and playing with his soft toys. Initially a little uncertain about having a lead clipped on and being allowed out the gate, he’s thoroughly enjoying visits to supermarkets, school, kindy and creche.

“He’s adorable,” Sloan’s volunteer puppy raisers tell us. “He’s settling in really well with the wider family.”

When it’s hot, Sloan can always be found snoozing in the coolest spot in the garden, but just wave that red jacket near him and he’ll be up and at ‘em without a second’s hesitation. He loves going out as every new day is an adventure to be enjoyed.


Utah is living on a farm

Utah is living on a farm and has met many different animals including sheep, cats, cattle, chickens, rabbits, ducks, possums and turkeys and two sheepdogs who play with him and teach him good dog manners. He adores playing tug of war and his soft squeaky toy.

He seems to get special joy out of rolling in the long grass with the two farm dogs – and playing in the mud.

Utah’s favourite toy is called ‘Big Red’. It’s a small, squishy toy that squeaks when he bites it. His next most favourite thing is a multi-coloured rope for playing tug of war. But he’s not fussy – he also loves shoes, socks, paper bags, empty toilet rolls and finding old bones that the other dogs have finished with.

His puppy raisers report he is a joyful and courageous little fellow, who isn’t frightened of the tractor or the sound of a pneumatic gun going off nearby. Thank you to everyone who is helping to raise lovely Utah.


Tori’s best friend is a kitten

Tori has settled in nicely with her puppy raisers and is loving living on a rural property with cattle, another guide dog puppy in training called Belle, and a new kitten she’s learning to be gentle with. She’s absolutely entranced by it and follows it all around the house. She’s learning that she is not allowed to steal the kitten’s toys. Tori’s already learned to sit on command, and behaves perfectly in a lift, at the mall or riding in the car.

Tori’s favourite toy is a 20 litre water bottle that rolls around and makes a very noisy crunchy sound.

Her secret joy? She’s ticklish when she is brushed.