Marley is learning all about walking well, sitting quietly and exploring the world. He is growing up fast!

Marley has been a very busy boy. Every day there are new adventures and new things to learn about the world, and with your sup-pawt, he is getting so big and confident. He steps right up to the scales at his vet check-up, and now weighs 22kg. What a good boy!

You’ll be so proud of what Marley has achieved. He is learning to sit quietly and watch what is going on around him when he goes to work with his puppy raiser at the vet surgery and can now be let off his leash at the beach and the park, and happily runs back to his puppy raiser when he is called. He loves putting his feet in the water at the beach, and watching the other dogs jump and splash through the little waves.

Walking with the family is now easy for Marley. He’s always happy to see people and children and walks well through shopping malls and at the swimming pool. He travelled beautifully in the car all the way to Rotorua recently on a fun family holiday.

Marley dreams that one day, he will walk beside someone as a qualified guide dog. What a star he is, and it’s all thanks to you!