These hard-working puppies are making great strides!


Loves: Being sociable and making new friends

Last year’s Pupstar Harris had a short break over Easter at guide dog centre and loved hanging out in the big free running areas with his doggy pals. But now he’s back to training with his puppy raiser. He’s visiting lots of different places and meeting new people and when friends come to visit, Harris has learnt to sit politely before he says hello.
Lovely manners Harris.


Loves: Food and is a great swimmer

After making it through the hot summer with lots of naps and swims, Matty is back into his learning. His puppy raiser is working on recall and as soon as Matty hears the whistle, he comes running back and sits patiently waiting for his treat. Keep up the good work Matty!


Loves: Holidays, shopping and the movies

Since our last check-in Rita has been on lots of holidays and she has learned lots of valuable social skills. In her red coat she can go anywhere. So, Rita has been busy visiting shops, cafes and even the cinema, where she settled well after doing a great job to make sure there was no dropped popcorn on the carpet.


Loves: To take little naps

Yates is continuing with his formal training and is busy learning lots of guide dog things. His trainers say he’s doing very well. Go Yates! All this learning can be tiring so Yates still loves to have a little nap here and there. And of course some free running once training has finished for the day.


Loves: Going to the beach and paddling

Pia is growing fast and now enjoys longer walks. She has been hitting all her milestones in training and has a really good sense of geography around her local streets. She’s very good at telling her puppy raisers when it’s time to turn around and go home. Especially when it starts to get dark.