Here’s what the puppies have been up to.


Thanks to your support and all his hard work learning everything needed to become a guide dog, Yates has now found his perfect match. They’re getting to know each other and working hard to learn the routes to work, the local library, the local shops and post office.

But with all that hard work, sometimes a dog just needs a good snooze. So when he’s not working, lying in the sun and having a sleep is just about Yates’ favourite past time. And we hear that he’s quite the snorer.



Pia is still living with her puppy raisers and is working towards starting guide dog training later this year. Summer fun has meant lots of free running with her doggy friends and lots of sleeping. Pia’s also been busy getting out and about in her red coat. She’s visited new places like the gym, gone to Pilates and has been helping her physiotherapist ‘Mum’ greet all her clients with a big tail wag.


Welcome Millie. She’s from a litter of five Labrador Retriever puppies and has now settled in well with her puppy raisers. With all her vaccinations complete, she’s starting to go out in her red coat to meet new dogs, people and to visit new places.

Millie is a lovely girl who is full of confidence. And she has lots of exciting new experiences to look forward to. From all accounts she’s always excited to learn new things every day.

Millie puppy in training
Neve puppy in training


Neve is another new puppy we will follow in Pupdate. She’s in her first weeks of settling into her new home with her puppy raisers – the families who volunteer their time to look after our guide dog puppies for around 18 months. With her vaccinations not yet complete, Neve is happy just exploring her new home and getting comfy in her cosy bed with some soft toys.

She also loves lots of cuddles with her new family.