We’re excited to share an update on our Pupstar, York!

You have been there every step of the way on York’s journey so far. Beautiful York has slipped straight back into busy life after a long time in lockdown and quickly transitioned into supermarket and mall visits, navigating busy shopping footpaths and was not at all bothered by the increased number of pedestrians. This is the type of training that will one day help give his human independence and confidence when they are out and about.

Like everyone, when restrictions were relaxed, York’s puppy raiser’s were keen to catch up with family and friends and had some fun group pup-dates with some of his siblings. Every puppy in his litter is black, so there was a confusing mix of legs and wagging tails – puppy raisers had to double check they were taking home the right guide dog puppy!

Guide dog puppies in training need to get comfortable in many kinds of new environments. For his summer holidays, York had a country stay with extended family at a Katikati avocado orchard where he bounced through long grass paddocks, sniffed around the farm property and met some cows. He also enjoyed a family holiday to the Coromandel where he experienced water in different forms – beach, rivers and reservoir and had a lovely paddle.

York has a beautiful, laidback, mellow personality and is loved by everyone he meets. His puppy raiser says he is a ‘dream’ to take everywhere as he is so well behaved. We are so proud of our Pupstar, York! Thank you for helping him become a guide dog, he can’t do it without you!