York, your sweet, smart Pupstar is loving life and learning

Playful guide dog puppy York is so far showing huge potential. He’s loving life and having as many experiences as possible to prepare him to one day work as a guide dog for a Kiwi who is blind, deafblind or has low vision.

York is this year’s Pupstar and he’s a sweetie. At this early stage of his development his life is about having as many new experiences as possible to provide a foundation for his guide dog training and also to assess his response and temperament. So he’s having a lot of fun – learning all the while.

His first visit to the beach at Waihi was a success and although he wasn’t 100% sure about the waves, he was happy to get wet all the way up to his … ankles! His first bushwalk was a joyful introduction to a range of exciting smells and small creatures. But the real test came with a visit to a big shopping centre as part of our Red Puppy Street appeal. There were lots of adults and noisy children but he greeted everyone with perfect composure.

His puppy raisers tell us that he has displayed wonderful manners and a calm demeanour at all times – an excellent sign that he has a good temperament and great potential as a guide dog.

Another good sign is that his puppy raisers report that he has a great memory for his training, and that he is already learning to recognise kerbs and other indicators like tactile crossings. Most importantly, he loves earning rewards for doing well during training sessions, which means he responds readily to training. His favourite way to relax is a play date with his brother Yale.