One day…this puppy could make a real difference

This cutie gets so excited when he sees his red jacket; his eyes light up and he wags his fluffy tail in anticipation. He knows a lesson is about to begin.

But becoming a Blind Low Vision NZ guide dog doesn’t happen overnight. His next two years include approximately 14 months alongside a puppy raiser, months of training and assessments.

One day…he’ll be someone’s eyes

What a priceless and vital gift a guide dog is – there’s actually so much demand for one now that we have a 12-month waiting list.

Somewhere in your community, someone has lost their sight and with it, their independence and confidence. This little guy wants to be there for them. Will you help him?

The day this puppy was born, he was destined to do great things. Please, donate today and one day, this pup could change someone’s life forever.

yates in his red coat
This puppy has so much promise, but he needs all the help he can get.
Puppy licking little girls face
No one can reverse Asha’s sight loss. But with your help, we can be there for her and perhaps one day, she’ll have a guide dog at her side too.

Make two dreams come true in one day

Meet Asha. She’s only five, but already she’s dreaming of the day she’ll have a guide dog. Asha was just four weeks old when her mum and dad realised something was not quite right with her eyes. She couldn’t see anything at all – a diagnosis that was devastating for her parents.

“The hardest thing was finding out Asha was blind – and realizing there was not a single thing I could do to change that.”
–  Matt, Asha’s Dad

Yates lying down

One day…your help could change lives

Little Asha is not alone. Every day, an average of three New Zealanders will hear they’re going blind. While no one can change that fact, with your help we can be there for Kiwis like Asha, making sure they have the support they need for the rest of their lives.

This puppy can’t describe how it feels to finally graduate and give independence to someone with severe sight loss. But witness him at work and you’ll recognise his pride – his mana. So please, give what you can today.  This pup can’t do it without you.