Associate Membership FAQ

Print disability? What is that exactly?

In terms of the Blind Low Vision NZ Library, we are required to work under the definition in section 2 of the Copyright Act 1994. For the purposes of the Copyright Act, print disability, in relation to a person,

  1. means an impairment that prevents the person from enjoying a printed copyright work to the same degree as a person who does not have that impairment; but
  2. excludes an impairment of visual function that can be improved, by the use of corrective lenses, to a level that is normally acceptable for reading without a special level or kind of light.

Will I be able to access other Blind Low Vision NZ services?

No, this membership is just for access to our digital Library services, including Alexa, BookLink, and EasyReader. However, do please contact us regarding full membership, if you experience new or worsening eye conditions.

Will I be able to get equipment like a DAISY player?

Specialised equipment such as DAISY players and magnifiers are only available to full members of the organisation. Your Associate Library membership allows you to use our audio library with the Alexa skill on compatible devices, the EasyReader app on either Android or Apple mobile devices, and BookLink Web on the Internet.
As of December 2020, we do have additional funding to provide Alexa compatible devices (Echo Dots) to Library members. If you would like to receive an Echo Dot on long term loan, please inquire as part of your application for membership.

Why do people with print disability need to get a doctor’s declaration?

It is to meet to our legal obligations with the Copyright Act.
The Copyright Act 1994 section 69 states that an authorised entity, such as Blind Low Vision NZ, provides accessible format copies only to persons who have a print disability. Also, the requirement is for a medical practitioner to sign off, not necessarily a GP. For example, a nurse or an occupational therapist could also sign the declaration.

How do I sign up for Associate membership?

It’s easy! Just complete the application form below and send it to us.

Library Associate Membership Form (doc)
Library Associate Membership Form (PDF)

Conditions of Access

To access Library services we request you read and agree to our conditions of access and understand the copyright obligations. Please note these conditions are to fulfil our legal requirements and so our legal name is used rather than our Blind Low Vision NZ trading name in the following terms and conditions of service.

Copyright Obligations

The books and other works in the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB) Library collection are protected by copyright. The RNZFB has the following policy regarding copyright:

To provide access to a selection of books and other published works, the RNZFB makes available copies of these works in a range of accessible formats. The RNZFB is permitted by the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 to make these copies. The permission provided by the Copyright Act 1994 is only for persons with a print disability and therefore only New Zealanders who are blind, print-disabled or have low vision are permitted to access the RNZFB Library’s collection.

As a borrower, it is your responsibility to ensure that any books or other works that you borrow from the RNZFB Library are not made available to any other individual or organisation. Actions that are not permitted include, but are not limited to:

  • Lending RNZFB Library items to another person.
  • Copying and sending items to another person.
  • Copying to another person’s computer or electronic device.
  • Emailing to another person.
  • Uploading to the internet.

To respect the rights of copyright owners and protect the RNZFB Library service for other borrowers, the RNZFB reserves the right to refuse access to its collection for any individual or organisation that makes RNZFB works available to another person or organisation.

The intent of this policy is to ensure that the rights of copyright owners are respected and that the RNZFB Library service is not jeopardised for blind, low vision or print-disabled New Zealanders.