If you are a Blind Low Vision NZ library member, we have good news for you. You can now access more than 35,000 audiobooks through the Dolphin EasyReader App.

Used by blind and low vision organisations around the world, this app has the advantage over our in-house app BookLink of having the technical support and resources available to support it.

“In these difficult times it is great to be able to pass on some good news,” says Library Manager Geraldine Lewis, “we’ve heard from our members of how much comfort having access to accessible content is giving them, so it is great to be able to provide an app which is easy to use.”

“Our in house BookLink website is still available and we will continue to make developments and maintain it.”

The app is available on iOS (Apple devices) and Android and is free to download. It was launched in 2017 is currently used by agencies such Vision Australia, RNIB, CELA and Bookshare.

As well as access to the Blind Low Vision NZ library, there are other great features such as access to other libraries, and tools for low vision users to enlarge and modify text.

Please note: At this stage, it is only our audiobooks that are available through Dolphin EasyReader, not our magazines or newspapers.

If you’re a Blind Low Vision NZ library member, here’s some step by step instructions of how to download the app