“Sam and Hayley” the doctor said softly, “please sit down, we need to talk about your baby.”

Nelson couple Hayley and Sam were blissfully 36 weeks pregnant with their first child when a routine check-up shattered their world. Scans revealed that their precious unborn daughter had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Lottie spent 10 days in intensive care following the birth and during this time, Sam and Hayley’s paediatric neurologist explained that her brain haemorrhage meant she was likely to have severe loss of vision and other disabilities. Hayley described that conversation with the doctor as the hardest moment of their lives.

Lottie has been diagnosed with cortical visual impairment (CVI), a neurological problem that affects the visual part of the brain. This means that Lottie’s eyes are in perfect condition. Beautiful and clear. But unfortunately, her brain has trouble processing what she sees.

One thing that helps Lottie feel safe is music and she has her very own playlist of songs and nursery rhymes. Lottie’s grandparents even bought her a special set of headphones, which is extremely helpful because the harmony of a rhyme is one of the things that helps keep Lottie happy.

The reality is, demand for our services has never been higher and every week, the family of another beautiful child like Lottie comes to us for support with blindness or severe sight loss. We treasure your donations because they give us the ability to offer specialised practical and emotional support when it’s needed most.

Photo of Olly and Lottie
Olly and Lottie are two peas in a pod

Your donations mean everything to children like Lottie.

Lottie will always need help and the more we’re able to assist her at such a young age, the more opportunities she’ll have in life. Please give generously because currently, we’re only able to reach one in three New Zealanders who need our help. Your support goes right where it’s needed most – helping those with sight loss develop the skills they need to live life without limits.