Last spring, seven people took on the challenge of a lifetime for Blind Week – to prove to themselves and the world that blind people can achieve extraordinary things. One of the participants is a very inspirational woman named Jo. She opened up about her blindness and shared the experience of losing her vision in the video above.

Jo says that when you set goals, you really can live life without limits.

Video transcript:

With regard to my blindness, I am totally blind now, I have eye an eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, which we in the know all “RP”. It’ degenerative eye disease. The first signs of RP is usually night blindness and closing in of your peripheral vision. When I started school we all knew there was something going on there. I couldn’t read the black board. I was the kid in the class who tripped over everything. Through my teens I rode my bike to school, but by the time I got into my 20s I was starting to really notice it. By the time I was 30 I had my first child and I do recall what she looked like. By the time I had my second, my son, I don’t recall really what he look liked as baby at all. The older always says to the younger “it’s all you fault – mums sight is gone since you were born. It’s your fault!”.