The team at the finish line of the Otago Rail Trail.
A great time on the Otago Rail Trail – National tandem bike ride
Clients came from all over New Zealand from Auckland to Invercargill to take part in the Otago Rail Trail National...
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Cassie Ponton, Fundraising Campaigns Executive collecting with ambassador dog Sam.
Behind the scenes of Red Puppy Appeal
Cassie Ponton, Fundraising Campaign Executive, gives us a behind the scenes insight into our largest Fundraising campaign of the year....
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Parveen and his mother having tea at the table.
Covid 19 and Blind Low Vision NZ
Covid-19: What you need to know New Zealand is at Alert Level 1. We are here to provide practical and...
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Woman guided by man through a park.
Meet Karen, Client Services Coordinator at Macular Degeneration New Zealand.
Meet Karen Chong, a client, volunteer and amazing ambassador for Blind Low Vision NZ. Read about Karen’s exciting new role...
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White cane training: ‘Don’t put it off’.
Melody Jade Steyn from Tauranga wishes she received help earlier to use a white cane. A mother of two young...
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Woman sitting in a chair smiling
Make eye health count: Sign the petition today and join the cause for a national eye health survey.
New Zealand needs to do better when it comes to eye health. What we do know is that people with...
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Rodger Curry
Alexa volunteer goes the extra mile
Rodger Curry, Alexa volunteer, who has low vision himself, gets satisfaction out of empowering others by setting up their Alexa...
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Blind Low Vision NZ volunteers bring their skills and enthusiasm to a variety of exciting volunteer roles
International Volunteer Day is coming up on the 5 December, and to recognise this special day, we are sharing some...
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Group outside Nathan House
Nathan House tour a chance to reconnect
About 15 Blind Low Vision NZ clients had a special opportunity recently to say goodbye to the boarding house that...
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Ruth McClay sits by the window
Alexa smart speaker – ‘She’s wonderful’
Ruth McClay, 92, recently joined the Blind Low Vision NZ family and tells us about her experience meeting Alexa. How...
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members in Rangitoto Island
By Lisa McCallum Blind Low Vision NZ Gym Manager With so many of our community events cancelled due to the...
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Blanche Davidson
Meet Blanche Davidson, our staff volunteer for Alexa
I was part of the initial Alexa trial in 2018 where a group of Blind Low Vision NZ clients was...
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