Vic is one guide dog who has already changed someone’s life.

Pete crouching down looking affectionately at his guide dog Vic
Pete and Vic make a fantastic team

He’s an incredible companion for Pete, who lost his vision six years ago aged 55. Pete describes having a guide dog as ‘just magic’ and with Vic’s help, he has been able regain his freedom and get on with life.

Pete currently works as a community support worker, visiting people with disabilities in their homes. Vic joins him for every visit and knows all the pathways and hazards along the way. Before losing his sight, Pete was a farmer for 30 years, so means he knows a thing or two about dogs:

“It would be unfair to compare a guide dog with a farm dog, Vic is just so dedicated to me and I’m able to trust him 100%”

“I can’t emphasise enough how grateful I am for all the work the Blind Foundation have put into Vic and for all the support we have received.”

Pete shared an example of this trust, explaining that he was recently at a pedestrian crossing and couldn’t hear that an electric car was approaching, so went to cross. Luckily Vic wouldn’t let him. When he finally did cross, someone commented, “You have an incredible dog!” Which is true of course, and just goes to show how amazing these highly trained guide dogs are.

Pete and Vic share such a special bond and with your help today, this puppy will get the chance to change someone’s life.

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Every single guide dog puppy needs two years of specialised training. It’s hard work, they have tough tests to pass, obedience lessons to ace and many new skills to master. There is currently a 12-month waiting list for a guide dog, so your donation today will make a massive difference.