Pictures of Sam and his MumYou can help change Sam’s life by supporting the development of new large format books.

Do you remember your favourite book from when you were a child? Most of us do because books have the magical ability to unlock our imaginations and fill us with joy.

But imagine not being able to experience that joy because you’re blind and you can’t read the books you love for yourself. Sam is a book-loving eight-year-old who has been diagnosed with ocular albinism, which for him means that he has no vision in one eye and only limited vision in the other. Sam’s mum Elizabeth (pictured above) says:

“Before we got involved with the Blind Foundation, when other kids were diving into books, the only ones Sam had to read were the boring large print adult books devoid of the storylines kids love. So he just didn’t bother.”

Sam’s favourite books are Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Hardy Boys series, but he’s quickly running out of books that he can read. Currently only 10% of printed material is available in a format that is accessible for people who are blind or have low vision, which is why we’re asking for your help today. With your donation, the Blind Foundation can develop new large format books to help feed Sam’s desire to read and learn. Elizabeth has told us how much that would mean to him:

“Sam feels excited about getting books from the Blind Foundation Youth Library he can read easily.” He says, ‘I can’t wait until those books come.’ ”

Without your support, Sam could miss out on the amazing stories that every child should be able to enjoy. Sam is so courageous and has enormous potential, but feeling excluded because you’re blind or have low vision can be very difficult and frustrating, especially for kids. Please donate today so that Sam and other kids like him don’t miss out on the joy of reading.

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