Everybody deserves the opportunity to read and because of caring people like you, Zac and thousands of other Kiwis with sight loss can enjoy the books and magazines they love.

While Zac might look like any other Kiwi kid, he has a neurological condition that means he struggles to control his eyes, focus on words and follow a line of text. A related condition means his speech has been slow to develop. Zac’s mum told me,

“In the beginning, it was devastating not knowing what was happening and feeling something wasn’t right. It was scary. When Zac was diagnosed it was heart-breaking, we thought, how will we get through this? Then he got tactile books from the Blind Foundation and we saw him smile because he could understand the story. I felt like suddenly there was a clear path after so many obstacles.”

With Zac’s vision condition, he can feel lost and at times his speech makes him hard to understand. With books he can keep up and share the same stories as his friends. And most importantly, he feels included.

As Zac’s mum shared, “think about how much richer your own life is with books.  Your gift has made a huge difference to someone’s life and in my case…my child’s life.”

Zac is not alone; thousands of people across New Zealand rely on the Blind Foundation Library to feel connected to their communities and the world, and to be able to experience the joy and company of good books. We simply can’t thank you enough for the important part you play in making this possible.