International Day of Older Persons

1 October 2023



A grandfather laughing as a granddaughter hugs him at the dinner table with the grandmother looking on with hippieness.

International Day of Older Persons is observed annually on the 1st of October. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of older persons, as well as to raise awareness about the challenges and issues that they face.

According to the United Nations, the global population is aging at an unprecedented rate. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more people over the age of 60 than children under the age of 15. This demographic shift presents both challenges and opportunities.

On International Day of Older Persons, we celebrate the contributions that older persons have made and continue to make to their families, communities, and societies. We also recognise the challenges that they face, including discrimination, isolation, and a lack of access to healthcare and other essential services.

There are many ways to celebrate International Day of Older Persons. One way is to educate oneself about the issues and challenges faced by older persons and take steps to support and advocate for their rights. This could include volunteering at organisations that serve older persons, advocating for policies that support their wellbeing, or simply being an ally and standing up against ageism.

Another way to celebrate this day is to spend time with and show appreciation for older persons in your life. This could include visiting older relatives, volunteering at a local nursing home, or simply reaching out to an older friend or neighbour to check in and offer support.

Join us in recognising and celebrating the valuable contributions and experiences of older persons, and to work towards creating a more inclusive and supportive society for all ages.


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