Ivan, Paxton and Whina – your special puppies in training.

21 November 2022

Guide Dogs

Three polaroid images of yellow labrador retriever puppies Whina and Paxton and growing white poodle, Ivan on a Pohutukawa blossom background.

Cute, charismatic and clever, our puppies in training are out and about learning about the world!

Ivan takes everything in his stride and is going ahead in leaps and bounds. He is showing so much paw-tential – thanks to you! He is happy around children and animals, and even in noisy environments, he behaves beautifully and very proudly wears his special coat.

Paxton is growing up to be a very handsome and elegant puppy, who always puts a warm smile on faces when he meets people on his training outings. he loves to discover new places, a personality trait that will be so important when he is a working guide dog.

A big puppy hello to you from gorgeous little Whina! Right now, like all dogs her age, this beautiful guide dog puppy in training is either ‘100 miles an hour or asleep’. She loves training and going to the supermarket, watching the young children in the playground and even went on a flight to Nelson. Good girl Whina!


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