Elevate Your Summer Experience with Four Essential Products from Vision Store

31 January 2024


We may all be heading back at work or school, but the warm summer weather has only just begun. If you’re looking to gear up for outdoor adventures on those sunny weekends with accessibility and independence in mind, you’re in luck.

We’ve curated a selection of must-have summer essentials from Vision Store.

From accessible radios to innovative wearable magnification devices and outdoor mobility aids, these products are designed to help you fully embrace the joys of summer. Read on.

Sangean PR-D17 AM/FM Accessible Radio

Stay connected and informed with the Sangean PR-D17 Accessible Radio. Specifically designed for those who are blind or have low vision, this portable radio features voice prompts that announce radio stations, battery status, and menu options, ensuring ease of use. With high contrast controls and tactile buttons, navigating the radio is simple and intuitive. Enjoy exceptional sound quality, preset stations, and convenient alarm features, making this radio a perfect companion for summer outings and everyday use.

Learn more about the Sangean PR-D17 AM/FM Accessible Radio

IrisVision Inspire

Experience the world with clarity and confidence using the IrisVision Inspire wearable magnification device. Designed to enhance functional vision for individuals with low vision, this lightweight headset offers up to 10x magnification and multiple viewing modes to suit various tasks and environments. Whether you’re reading, watching TV, or using a computer, IrisVision Inspire provides enhanced vision and independence. With voice control capabilities and wireless charging, it’s the perfect companion for staying connected and engaged during summer activities.

Learn more about the IrisVision Inspire

All Terrain Cane

Venture outdoors with confidence using the All Terrain Cane (ATC). Crafted from titanium and steel, this sturdy mobility cane is designed for navigating diverse outdoor terrain, from hiking trails to sandy beaches. With an adjustable grip handle and high-performance roller ball tip, the ATC provides stability and support, empowering you to explore new environments safely and independently. Whether you’re trekking through nature or strolling in the park, the ATC ensures you can enjoy summer adventures with peace of mind.

Learn more about the All Terrain Cane

Beamers Sunglasses – Bear

Protect your little one’s eyes with Beamers Sunglasses. Designed specifically for children aged 1-2 years old, these polarized sunglasses feature Optoshield Technology for maximum UV protection. With a wraparound frame design and durable construction, Beamers Sunglasses offer comfort, safety, and style for young adventurers. Shield their eyes from harmful UV rays and reduce glare sensitivity, allowing them to enjoy outdoor activities with enhanced vision and protection.

Learn More about Beamers Sunglasses-Bear

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Ready to enhance your summer experience? Explore these essential products and more at the Vision Store.

If you are eligible to use the Pearson Fund subsidy, you may be also be eligible for equipment discounts. To know more, call our friendly Contact Centre team on 0800 24 33 33.


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