The Vital Role of Braille Music

30 November 2023


Several pages of sheet music placed next to a shiny violin.

Music is a universal language, a bridge that connects people from different walks of life. For those with visual impairments, Braille music offers a unique and profound avenue to engage with this art form. It not only enhances musical literacy but also empowers individuals to interact, compose, and perform in ways that resonate deeply with their personal experiences.

Nigel Waring, Head of Technology and Accessibility at Blind Low Vision NZ, emphasizes its significance: “Braille music is more than just notes on a page; it’s a lifeline, a beacon of self-expression and understanding. As technology advances, we must not forget the foundational importance of Braille music in the lives of many in our community.”

We, at Blind Low Vision NZ, are steadfast in our commitment to promote and support Braille music. Our recent changes to the Shirley Owen Trust, expanding its scope to assist in purchasing Braille musical instruments and tuition, underscores this commitment.

Join us in celebrating and championing the importance of Braille music. Let’s come together, ensuring that the beauty of music remains accessible to all.

Important Update: Changes to the Shirley Owen Trust Fund

Blind Low Vision NZ’s Funding and Accessible Formats Teams are excited to announce a vital enhancement to the Shirley Owen Trust. Understanding the immense value and significance of music in our community, particularly Braille music, the Trust has expanded its scope of support.

What’s new?

  • Musical Instruments: You can now request funds to assist in the purchase of musical instruments for members to learn and play music. A partial subsidy up to the value of $1,500 can be requested. Whether you’re diving into the world of Braille music for the first time or looking to upgrade your current instrument, the Shirley Owen Trust is here to support your journey.
  • Musical Tuition: In addition to instruments, the Trust continues to distribute funds to cover the costs of musical tuition, including Braille musical tuition. This represents an invaluable opportunity for those passionate about deepening their understanding and proficiency in music, especially Braille music.
  • Frequency: For Tuition these funds can be requested annually, and for instruments, you may apply for this assistance once every 2 years.

Please note that all requests are subject to the availability of funds within the Trust. As always, we aim to support as many clients as possible, but it’s important to keep in mind that the number of grants awarded may vary based on the funds available in any given period.

Get In Touch

We encourage everyone who's passionate about music to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. If you have any questions or need assistance with the application process, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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