Your support helps Marley with vital training.

21 November 2022

Guide Dogs

Yellow Labrador retriever Marley is wearing his black coat while doing his guide dog training in an aquatic centre.

Thanks to your kind support, Marley is right on track with his training program. He really is a Pupstar!

Since our last pupdate, Marley has had many new experiences to help him with training. He certainly has lots of opportunities to explore, thanks to his wonderful volunteer puppy raiser family!

One day he is at the pool watching while the children have swimming lessons, the next at the busy shopping mall, in a café or at work with his puppy raiser. Everywhere he goes, he is watching and learning, so one day he can be a life-changing guide dog, matched with someone who is blind, deafblind or has low vision.

Marley’s latest exciting adventure took him on a farm visit. What fun he had exploring and meeting some dairy cows for the first time! When he is not out training, he spends his days learning to be calm and quiet at his puppy raiser’s workplace. He is doing so well listening to commands and improving his behaviour, and it’s all thanks to you!


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