Coming soon: New, improved, and fit-for-purpose web shop.

We are pleased to announce that Blind Low Vision NZ has entered into an exciting new partnership with Vision Australia, to provide a dedicated online web shop for our clients to make equipment purchases.

Currently in its final testing phases, the new web shop for New Zealand will be launched very soon. This will allow you to log on wherever you are, to browse and purchase your equipment from wherever you may be, at your own convenience and complete your transaction in New Zealand dollars.

What we are most excited about achieving is the new web shop will provide a vastly expanded range of products at competitive price points, together with supporting material, reviews and “how to guides” to give you the widest possible choice.

This initiative brings an exciting new phase to Blind Low Vision NZ’s Equipment Solutions department, with many changes, however some particular things will remain the same. The Ministry of Health White Cane contract will be unchanged, with canes being dispatched from our South Auckland warehouse as per the norm. The Equipment Solution team will also remain unchanged. We recognise the importance of consistency for our clients and want to ensure that the transition period – and beyond – is as smooth as possible for everyone.

We are delighted to be able to share this news with you, after many months of work in the background, and will be keeping you up to date with the details as we move into the go-live phase.

Finally, in support of this new web shop initiative, and in conjunction with the Pearson Fund, there will be another exciting announcement to further support your equipment needs. More details to follow in the near future. Watch this space for the pertinent updates!