Specialist Services

We offer a range of specialist services for Māori, Pasifika, people who are deafblind, youth and children.

Young client Tara, looks cheekily at the camera as she sits cross-legged on the floor
Deafblind clients, Savanna and Poreia communicate using sign language. It looks like they're having a good chat.


Our specialist staff aim to improve the quality of life and reduce isolation for people who have both significant vision and hearing loss. If you are deafblind, we can help you find alternative ways of communicating.

We provide support by helping you access information, equipment, a full range of services, social networks and other assistance you need to participate in your community.

Please get in touch to access deafblind services.

Contact us, 0800 24 33 33



The Youth Engagement Strategy (YES) for 17 to 25 year-olds was created by Kiwis who are blind, deafblind or have low vision alongside Blind Low Vision NZ staff. The YES strategy champions youth leading independent and productive lives.

To help nurture the confidence and leadership skills needed to live an independent and productive life, it’s necessary to connect with others, both in the real and digital world. These connections are sometimes facilitated via Facebook. For example, the Blind and VI Youth NZ Facebook group is a chance for youth to connect online and share news and opportunities.

To find out what activities are coming up or to join the private Facebook group,
please call 0800 24 33 33 or email youth@blindlowvision.org.nz.


A group of young people sit facing the camera and smiling.


When a child is born with a visual impairment, or they acquire one through illness or injury, it can be challenging to know where to begin for support and skill development.

Our children’s programme is designed to enable families to adjust to sight loss, as well as to help the child develop vital short and long-term life skills and build their self-esteem. If a child in your care is blind, deafblind or has low vision, our specialists can work with you through the various stages of your child’s development. Together, we will support you and your child to develop skills and strategies to help them make their way confidently in the world.  By teaching necessary developmental skills when the child is young, they are well equipped for transitioning to adult life.

We also work closely with other service providers including:

Parents of Vision Impaired NZ Inc (PVI) is a non-profit organisation made up of parents committed to providing support to other parents of children who are blind or vision impaired – and who often have additional complications and disabilities.

The PVINZ mission is: “Supporting and Empowering Parents and Whanau.”

Executive Officer of PVINZ is Rebekah Graham
Contact number: 022 621 5740
Email rgraham@pvi.org.nz

Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ (BLENNZ) is a school that is made up of a national network of educational services for children and young people who are blind, deafblind or have low vision in New Zealand. 

To enable learners who are blind, deafblind or have low vision to reach their full potential, BLENNZ provides quality education and specialist teaching services in partnership with whānau, educators and the wider community.

Contact BLENNZ on 0800 BLENNZ (0800 253 669)
Or email info@blennz.school.nz

Young client, Marama sits at a table eating breakfast