Show your appreciation for the life-changing six-dot system and get baking for World Braille Day, 4 January 2020.

We’re running a competition to challenge you to write a message in braille on your baking creations. It could be as simple as your initials or as detailed as you would like.

World Braille Day celebrates Louis Braille’s birthday – born in 1809 in France, the clever cookie invented braille when he was only 15 years old. Your baking creation could even be a birthday cake!

Braille opens the doors to literacy with many studies showing a correlation between reading and writing braille and achievement in academic studies and employment – let’s celebrate this life changing literacy tool and bake some goodies in its honour.

How do I enter?

  1. Bake for World Braille Day.
  2. Write a message in braille – use this tool to help you if you need to.
  3. Take a photo or write a description of your creation and enter in one of the following ways:
  • Text your entry to 022 0127249
  • Email your entry to
  • Look out for our World Braille Day post on Facebook on 4 January and post your photo/description in the comments section.

What do I win?

Samantha Tamatea, Blind Low Vision NZ Braille Awareness Coordinator, will create a personalised braille experience for you based on where you are at with your braille journey. You could be a complete beginner or a braille expert!

When do entries close?

Get your entries in by 9 January 2020 and we will announce the winner on our Facebook page, as well as in our January edition of our client newsletter of Korero.

We look forward to receiving your spotty entries celebrating the six-dot system.