A guide dog gives John freedom

John has always loved to walk. So when he lost his sight at the age of 29, he was devastated at his loss of independence…and at having to walk holding someone’s arm.

That’s why John will never forget those first magical steps he took when he was matched with his first Blind Foundation guide dog 25 years ago:

John and Vinko working at Tauranga Hospital

“I felt so cool with my dog – we walked so fast – I was on my own again and it was freedom!”

Of all the things that John loves about having a guide dog, the thing he loves most is that he can teach his dog once where to go, and then they can always take him there:

“It gives me so much freedom because I can just say ‘let’s go to the café’. And up the road and off we go.”

John also works at his local hospital and he never ceases to be amazed by just how clever his current guide dog Vinko is:

“Vinko remembers we have to go through this door, electronically open that door, go here and there and navigate around trolleys, doctors and visitors. He zigs and zags and gets me safely to where I need to be – every time.”

John is so grateful to you for the impact that a guide dog has had in his life:

“Because of your support I have the freedom to live my life to the full. Thank you.”