Lance has found new direction with the help of technology

Lance’s eyesight deteriorated 14 years ago, costing him his employment as an editor and his livelihood. Then, after a corneal transplant, Lance (now 78) connected with Blind Low Vision NZ.

Powered by your gifts, Lance has received a mix of orientation & mobility assistance, a white cane and a guide dog over the years. Your generosity is helping him to discover a new normal.

In more recent years, your support has let us introduce Lance to a new screen reader called JAWS. Lance can now interact with the world around him in a way that would previously have been impossible.

With this regained ability, Lance has been elected to two terms on New Plymouth’s Council, joined the board of multiple organisations and written articles for local newspapers.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of kind souls such as yourself. Thank you for helping low vision people like Lance to rebuild their lives.

Thanks to people like you, Lance is thriving again.

 “After losing my vision, it was difficult re-building my life, learning to read and write again, and competing with sighted people. Blind Low Vision NZ were invaluable in creating the foundation for re-building my life”.