New Zealand needs to do better when it comes to eye health.

What we do know is that people with vision loss are less likely to be employed, three times more likely to experience clinical depression, twice as likely to fall and four times more likely to suffer hip fractures.

What we don’t know, is the scale of the problem.

Currently New Zealand has no formal data on the prevalence or causation of vision loss, and no comprehensive eye health strategies, policies or frameworks to plan for and measure progress in eye health and vision care.

Sign the petition today and join the cause for a national eye health survey.

Blind Low Vision NZ, as a founding member of Eye Health Aotearoa, is proud to play a part in this initiative.

Blind Low Vision NZ and its Chief Executive John Mulka is encouraging everyone in New Zealand to sign the petition and lend their support to motivate government to take action.

“We need to show decision makers that Kiwis care about their sight and put eye health on the political agenda. Our goal is for tens of thousands of signatures across the country to call on the Government to fund the first ever national eye health survey.”

Show that you care about eye health and sign the petition now.