You help New Zealanders like nine year old Stella have the opportunity to live their life without limits.

Stella’s parents were shocked when she was diagnosed with two serious eye conditions at age six. But because of your kindness, Stella and her family have the practical and emotional support they need. Her mum says:

“The Blind Foundation support has been amazing. It’s given Stella the confidence that she can do the things other children do.

For her future, I just want her to have the same opportunities as everyone else. To be able to access everything the way other people can access everything and to have the confidence to give things a go.”

Because most children learn about the world by seeing it and watching how other people behave, when a child can’t see well, or at all, they have to find other ways to learn.

Blind Foundation specialists have been helping Stella find non-visual ways to navigate through everyday tasks such as using her knife and fork together, choosing clothes and doing up shoelaces. They also help Stella with organisational skills; such as a strategy for finding shoes which are easily lost if you can’t see to find them.

Stella’s mum says “It might take her a bit longer for her to learn these skills and it might be a bit more of a challenge. But she’s learning strategies to make things easier.”

Teaching kids like Stella resilience and coping skills when they’re young can set them up so they’re just as capable as any other child – and have just as many opportunities as they grow into young adults.

Stella has learnt that she’s unstoppable if she adapts, innovates, and takes a ‘can do’ approach to challenges. And that is thanks to the kindness of supporters like you who make Blind Foundation services available to Kiwi kids.

“I have definitely already seen a huge difference in her quality of life. Her vision has become less of a roadblock for her, and it’s really helped us feel confident as a family.”

Every Kiwi child should be able to look forward to a big life brimming with opportunity and potential, and children like Stella who are blind or have low vision are no exception.