When she was 10 years old, Verna suffered a cerebral abscess on the brain and lost her vision. Today she only has light and dark perception – but low vision has never slowed Verna down.

Verna has always been keen to learn and explore the world – in fact, she’s been a ‘trailblazer’ since she was a schoolgirl. In 1969, Verna became part of a pilot group of three blind and low vision children who joined a mainstream intermediate school. Verna says it was the beginning of her life-long love of reading.

Although now semi-retired, Verna is incredibly active. She loves volunteering, gardening and weekly Book Club meetings. “There’s nothing better than enjoying a Talking Book. I wouldn’t be reading what I’m reading without Blind Low Vision NZ.” You help Verna stay connected and experience the joy of reading – thank you.